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Fire Shield products are ideal for home, office, and campus environments such as residence halls, labs, classrooms, libraries and other facilities. Fire Shield cords, with specially designed shielded conductors, are able to detect series faults and line-to-neutral faults, significantly reducing fire hazards. Available as power strips and surge protectors.

The Fire Shield Surge Strips are the only power strips with built-in intelligence to prevent:

State-of-the-art electronics detect cord damage and disconnect power in 25/1000 of a second, preventing cord fires. Every six minutes there is a cord-related fire in the United States.

  • 3-Foot Cord
  • 6-Outlet
  • 1350 Joules
  • $25,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

  • 3-Foot Cord
  • 8-Outlet
  • 3500 Joules
  • $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

  • Coax/Cable/Phone Fax/Modem Protection
  • 12-Foot Cord
  • 6-Outlet
  • 1350 Joules
  • $25,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

Technical Data
  • Volts/Amps 125V/15A
  • Frequency 3kv 50 / 60 Hz test
  • MaximumSurge 6,000Volts
  • Cord Guage 14/3 AWG
  • Conductors 3 wire

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